About Lyn S. Brown

Lyn S. BrownA native of the Mississippi gulf coast, I am a painter and also a hand engraver of precious metals.  Studying art since 1976, I strive for continued artistic growth, attending workshops annually and working in my studio year-round in Gautier, Mississippi, painting for juried competitions both locally and regionally.

Most of my paintings relate to events or places in south Mississippi from both my past and current activities.  Having lived in the 1940s in the historic Edgewater Gulf Hotel, a Mississippi landmark demolished in 1971, I recall “castle-like” images and symbols from my childhood which appear in my paintings and connect me to my roots. Overnight camping trips to Horn Island, 10 miles offshore, fill my memory with images which also are important to my painting processes.  Several decades of photo albums and journals attest to my love for the adventures of camping with my family or groups of artists.

For 37 years, we lived on the beach of Pascagoula, where my journey into art began.  My studio since 2004 is located in a forest, so my early fascination of living on the water has joined an exploration of pathways lined with trees, birds, wildflowers, and the magical seasonal changes occurring each year.  Because our property borders the Pascagoula River, my daily walks reveal a continuing parade of new subject matter from this rare ecosystem.

My earlier interest in sewing fabrics has resurfaced in the art form of collage, using the computer for creating digital images and papers, which are shaped and glued along with painted and drawn images to make my newest series of collages.

In the 1980s, I began to learn the process of hand engraving in which I drew designs and monograms and executed them on 20 gauge copper sheet, later using sterling silver and 14k gold.  In 1984, at the New Orleans World’s Fair, I presented an engraving demonstration in the Mississippi Pavilion.  Until the mid 1990s, I continued with jewelry design and fabrication, in addition to producing paintings.

Since 1995, painting has been my primary focus.