Edgewater Gulf Hotel

The Edgewater Gulf Hotel, built in the 30s, was located midway between Biloxi and Gulfport, and sadly, was demolished in 1971 to make space for a shopping center.  It was my first home; my parents brought me home from the hospital to live in the beautiful “castle” on the beachfront, where my dad was the manager.

In the 1990s, I started a series of large oil paintings about the Edgewater Gulf Hotel, producing a show which was exhibited for the whole month of July, 1999, during the TriCentennial Anniversary of the City of Biloxi.  It occupied the large gallery at the George E. Ohr Cultural Center, which at the time was the second floor of the Biloxi Library.  The month-long exhibit was a multimedia show with furniture from the hotel, video showing a walk through the grounds, family photographs, autographed photographs of famous people who had stayed there, and 36 paintings done by me.  I will soon add my photos of this show to this website.