I Dreamed I Played Checkers

Oil on canvas

48 X 36

There were four, black and white, marble and bronze checker tables in the lobby for guests to enjoy.  Guests, including children, loved playing checkers in the beautiful lobby of the hotel.  One could go to the check-in desk and ask for the checkers and would be given the wooden rack in which the checkers were stacked.

I have photos of the guests at these elegant tables, enjoying their games.  There were 4 checker tables and only one backgammon table, but it was used mostly for playing cards.  I do not remember backgammon being played.

When the furnishings of the hotel were auctioned in the late 1960s, I tried to buy one of the tables, but they were all sold to dealers or bidders with more cash than I had with me.  I did buy pieces of furniture, lamps, and other ephemera, but I always was sad that I did get a table.

In the 1980s, I visited Wakulla Springs, FL, near Tallahassee, and photographed the checker tables there, which were identical to the ones at the Edgewater.  (Wakulla Springs Lodge had been built by the owner of the Edgewater and furnished with similar furniture.)  I used these photos as a reference for my painting.

At a later date, using the photos and measurements I had made at Wakulla, I had a table fabricated–marble and bronze–just like the ones at the Edgewater.