Life at Edgewater Pond

Acrylic on canvas

24 X 30

From Edgewater Gulf to Edgewater Park to Edgewater Pond……A flat painting about my mother’s and dad’s retirement home on Wire Road. She became a painter late in her life, and one can see her easel through the sun porch window.  Pampas grass lined the driveway, and the sign on a post was moved from the other house.  a We had fun teasing them about the 10 cats which appeared in the woods and adopted them for a short while.  Their dog Pedro was outnumbered but definitely dominant.  The pond was their connection to water, for they had lived near the gulf their whole married life.  The two of the concrete decorations which lined the edges of the Edgewater tower were salvaged from the pile of rubble when the hotel was demolished.  (Dad hired a wrecker with its boom to lift and move these heavy objects to their home in Edgewater Park.  Later they were moved again to the Wire Road location.)